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Exploring the Future of Cancer Care


Changing the way the world treats cancer also means changing the way that the world understands it. Our incredible research scientists work tirelessly to explore potential opportunities and discover new knowledge that will help us shape the future of cancer care.

We have a variety of job opportunities in clinical research, research support, bioinformatics, and more. With your expertise and passion, you can help us advance science and forever change the lives of people with cancer.

Research Opportunities

As a pathology data coordinator or research study assistant, specialist, or manager, you could contribute to research ranging from analyzing genetic changes in tumor samples to developing new imaging techniques.

Clinical Research Administration provides clinical research compliance and operations support for MSK. We are responsible for services related to protocol activation, data management, quality assurance, and information technology.

As one of our research technicians or assistants, you’ll work on bench research in one of our 100 laboratories.

We have a range of support roles that help drive our research efforts. In positions such as animal care technician, analytical chemistry specialist, and bioinformatics expert, you will contribute to innovative science.

Research Funding and Project Administration
The Office of Research and Project Administration is responsible for activities related to research funding and project administration, including the management of institutional and external research funds and funding proposals.

Technology Development
The Office of Technology Development is responsible for protecting and licensing inventions developed by Memorial Sloan Kettering investigators, obtaining industrial funding for our laboratories, and negotiating and reviewing private consulting agreements.

Compliance Review and Oversight
The Office of Research Outreach and Compliance is charged with ensuring compliance with federal, state, institutional, and sponsor regulations with regard to research grants management.

RTM Information Technology creates and manages a number of electronic systems that support various components of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s research enterprise.

The Bioinformatics team provides bioinformatics consultation, training, and resource development to Memorial Sloan Kettering investigators and supports the high-performance computing resources of the Computational Biology Center.

Bioinformatics jobs include bioinformatics engineer, bioinformatics analyst or scientist, and Unix system administrator.

“Working in the Early Drug Development Service has been incredibly interesting, and I’ve learned and grown so much since joining the service. Everybody is committed to the work and their patients. Not only are they all intelligent and hardworking but they are also fun to spend your days with.”

Erika Pamer Clinical Research Manager

“Research fund managers are valuable to MSK because we provide administrative and financial guidance to the research community. Our scientists can feel confident that their research awards and operating funds are managed effectively and accurately, so they can focus on the science.”

Jahaira Kalayanamitra Research Fund Manager, Office of Research and Project Administration
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