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Administrative professionals at Memorial Sloan Kettering provide essential services and support for our medical teams and patients. Each day, they help us strive toward our main goal: to control and cure cancer.

Our administrative professionals work directly with patients and their families. Friendly and professional service are a must, and we’re always looking for candidates who have natural relationship-building skills. Your attitude and demeanor can go a long way in making our patients feel comfortable and putting them at ease.

On our team, you’ll have the opportunity to make a positive impact each day as you schedule appointments, greet patients and guests, and handle confidential paperwork.

Administrative Opportunities

Administrative assistants provide professional and polished executive-level administrative support to MSK’s Office of Administration.

You need to be comfortable interacting with senior-level leadership, board members, employees, leadership of affiliated hospitals, and external organizations and consultants.

In order to help our leaders carry out our mission and explore new avenues for MSK, administrative assistants need to be detail oriented and effective communicators. This includes being able to determine the best ways to reach different audiences and tailoring communications based on that understanding.


These roles are perfect for healthcare administration professionals who want to grow their careers and pursue leadership opportunities in the future. Learn the organization from the ground up as you gain valuable hands-on experience and assist patients as they receive cancer care.

Both of these positions will prepare you for a successful career at MSK and allow you to explore a variety of paths within the cancer center.

  • Care Coordinators are liaisons between the patient, the patient’s family, and the medical healthcare team during a patient’s office visits. Responsibilities include orienting patients and families to the office or facility, assisting with patient flow between the waiting and clinical areas, and ensuring that medical records are available and complete prior to a patient’s office visit.
  • Office Coordinators act as liaisons between the patient and the medical team on a daily basis. In this role, you will screen patient calls, schedule patient tests and appointments, and handle all administrative functions associated with patient care.

This financial team works in collaboration with MSK’s clinical and administrative staff, patients, and insurance carriers to ensure that optimal payment is received for the care we provide.

You will assist new patients with registration prior to their first appointment and explain MSK’s financial policies, insurance benefits, and requirements and respond to patients’ questions as they arise. You will help address benefit and finance questions so that patients can focus on their well-being.


The unit assistant (UA) is an important administrative and customer service role. The UAs act as liaisons between patients, families, and MSK staff to ensure timely and efficient provision of services during the patient’s stay.

The UAs also ensure accurate and timely implementation of orders, assist with the coordination of services, and respond to patient and family questions in a professional manner (both face-to-face and over the phone). You will need confidence, the ability to multitask and prioritize, and great customer service skills to succeed in this role.


"No matter the job title, MSK employees make a difference daily in people’s lives. You don't need to have medical knowledge to work at MSK. The most important prerequisite is compassion and the motivation to work hard."

James Moreira Administrative Secretary, Department of Surgery

The most rewarding part of working at MSK is knowing that I am part of a bigger team, working around the clock to ensure our patients are cared for.

Shaunette Alfred Office Coordinator
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