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04/22/2020 Admin

Healthcare Heroes Unite Across MSK

Our mission to provide exceptional cancer care is a bond that unites the staff across Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). This is especially true during the challenging times of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

We are committed now, more than ever, to doing everything possible to meet the needs of our patients, their families, our colleagues and the communities we serve.

Currently, team members from across the greater New York area have been redeployed to work in other areas throughout the organization to provide critical services and support. They are going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure MSK patients and staff are getting the care and services they need.

Here are some of their stories:

The experience has been another reminder of why MSK is great place to work.

Grateful for Support

Name: Michael Hannon

Title: Project Manager, Patient Related Outcomes, Department of Surgery

Redeployment department: Administrative Support, Food Service

While working with MSK’s Food Service staff, Hannon said he has been blown away by their commitment to feeding and fueling patients and staff. The Food Service teams are providing multiple food options to meet the religious and cultural needs of those they serve, are arranging food deliveries for patients from their families to connect them in some small way while separated, and coordinating food donations to help those in need in the community.

Hannon said the assistance from MSK has helped everyone focus on contributing what he or she can.

"MSK has made every effort to ensure that each employee has the resources needed to safely do their part during this difficult time, whether that be our DigITs team working around the clock to provide remote access capabilities or the Commuter Assistance Program alleviating travel anxiety through reimbursement for parking and Uber/Lyft car services," Hannon said.

Though I’m not at the hospital caring for patients, it’s amazing to know I can contribute to MSK and its mission in other important ways.

Contributing in New Ways

Name: Kevin Frodell                                                                                     

Title: Manager, Revenue Management, Office of Research & Project Administration

Redeployment department: Patient Billing                                                   

Many employees like Frodell are working behind-the-scenes to ensure hospital operations continue to run smoothly.

“I am grateful to work at a place that makes a difference in the world, especially during times like these.”

Being redeployed to work in a new department not only provides a way for employees to contribute, but also offers a unique opportunity for people to collaborate with new team members.

“I’m meeting new colleagues and learning a lot about patient insurance and hospital billing,” Frodell said. “ My redeployment experience is giving me a better understanding of MSK and the people who make it such a great place to receive care.”


There is a sense of unity throughout the organization as we navigate during these difficult times, it’s uplifting to see how our employees stepped up and have gone above and beyond their typical jobs.

Name: Shelby Bharrat

Title: Compensation Analyst

Redeployment department: Patient Billing  

Pulling from the financial experience she uses in her role in Compensation, Bharrat has made an impact and learned something new and valuable as well. Bharrat shared that she learned about a new division (Payment Accuracy) and the process that goes into ensuring the institution is paid correctly. “MSK did a wonderful job by pulling internal resources to fill in gaps on teams during COVD. It’s been a rewarding experience to be able to assist in such an impactful project.”

I feel truly grateful to be a member of the MSK family right now. During all the uncertainty in the world, MSK has stayed committed to offering premium cancer care to our patients and has remained invested in supporting our team members."

Now, in the face of adversity, I am humbled by the dedication my colleagues continue to show, and the ongoing commitment to provide life-saving care.

Humbled by the Dedication of Colleagues

Name: Caitlin Sanford

Title: Associate Director, Revenue Management, Clinical Research Finance

Redeployment department: Staff Lounge

While team members at MSK tend to be a passionate bunch, the current crisis has sparked even more inspiring dedication, Sanford said.

“I’ve always been proud to be a part of the MSK community, working alongside such brilliant, kind and mission driven people,” said Sanford. "MSK is family and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work in redeployed roles and support our #HealthcareHeroes refuel.”

I believe that this crisis will unite us more as a community and fortify our values. Now more than ever we have proven that we are relentless [and] we never stand still, she said. We are always looking forward, trying at every step to be our best.

Coming Together Under Crisis

Name: Glikeria Tzikas

Title:  Lab Clerk II, Translational Research Lab

Redeployment department: Food Service  

Despite the stress of the current crisis, Tzikas said she is grateful she had an opportunity to contribute to MSK’s cause.

Being out of the lab and in the kitchen, Tzikas has discovered that she has a lot in common with the Food Service team.

“Working in the laboratory area and in the kitchen area has more similarities than differences,” she said. “Every employee is important and MSK never stops reminding us how essential our role is not only for the patients put ourselves as well.”

I’m just a proud member of the MSK team doing whatever I can to make life easier for those who also work beside me.

Proud to be a Part of MSK

Name: Ethan Kavet

Title: Communications Photographer

Redeployment department: Clinical Sites

Kavet is one of the critical employees working at clinical sites to ensure that everyone who enters is following safety measures, liking wearing a face mask.


I have always had the utmost respect for this institution but I can’t begin to explain how much I admire it now.

Ready to Help at Moment’s Notice

Name: Arianne Gans

Title: Talent Acquisition Specialist  

Redeployment department: Staff Lounges, Food Service 

Gans has shown exceptional flexibility, covering shifts at a moment’s notice. She has worked to deliver community-donated meals to staff floors, and in the newly created staff relaxation spaces.

She said: “There is no arguing that we are all going through a difficult time but being surrounded by such hardworking and selfless heroes makes it easier. I’m glad to have the opportunity to see it first hand.”

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