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Love@MSK: Drs. Steffers and Fetten

Drs. Fetten and Steffers are grateful for the chance to work at MSK again and to work together while treating the patients they care so much about.

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Preparing for Your Video Interview

At Memorial Sloan Kettering, our recruiters often interview candidates via video to accommodate a candidate’s schedule, connect with candidates around the world and prevent the spread of illnesses, such as during flu season.

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MSKLife: Bringing MSK’s Genomics Expertise to Ghana

As we celebrate World Cancer Day on February 4, there's reason for optimism when it comes to cancer in Africa: Cancer diagnoses and outcomes in Ghana may improve, thanks to the Cancer Genome Project Ghana partnership, a collaboration between Ghanaian medical research institutes and MSK's Genomics, Pathology, and Pediatrics departments.

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Black History Month: ​Nicole Roberts-Eversley, Clinical Research Manager

This year, the BLAM ERN is privileged to highlight MSK staff and the personal significance that Black History Month has for each of them.

Nicole Roberts-Eversley thrives in research. She especially enjoys breathing life into research proposals.

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MSK military members

MSK Colleagues Serve Overseas Together in Middle East

Memorial Sloan Kettering has veterans and military members working in various departments throughout the organization, so it isn’t uncommon for employees to be deployed overseas.

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