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02/27/2019 Mia A. Garchitorena Diversity and Inclusion

Jocelyn Triplett, Supervisor in the Department of Medicine at MSK, Reflects on Black History Month

While attending the University of Maryland, Jocelyn Triplett was determined to pursue her dream of going to medical school — after all, she moved across the country from Las Vegas to the East Coast to major in pre-medicine. But she had a change of heart while working as the Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Cardiology at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. 

"Even though Georgetown is in a very affluent neighborhood, a majority of their patients traveled from Southeast D.C. and rural counties in Maryland and Virginia to seek better care," Ms. Triplett explains. "But with that came a lot of patients who did not understand their basic access to healthcare or the fact that adherence to their healthcare regimens could lead to better outcomes."

She decided she wanted to join other thought leaders committed to solving the various barriers in the healthcare system, instead of following a traditional career in medicine. She made the decision to follow a career path in healthcare administration, eventually receiving a Master in Public Health with a focus in Hospital Administration.

Ms. Triplett had no trouble diving into healthcare operations and community outreach. Since joining MSK in 2016, she has played a significant role as Project Manager in the Department of Communications and a leader in MSK's Multicultural Outreach Initiative, which aims to increase access points to MSK for emerging populations with a focus on the Hispanic community, establish brand awareness in new communities, and in the long-term, increase referrals to MSK services. The initiative generated 20 patient referrals in 2018, which Ms. Triplett says was an "unexpected outcome within the first year of the initiative, but it proved that my team's outreach model coupled with authentic engagement with the community works."

(Pictured: Jocelyn and Julia Ramirez, Community Outreach Manager of the IHCD.)

(Pictured: Jocelyn and Julia Ramirez, Community Outreach Manager of the IHCD.)

She has also been involved in helping the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care (RLC) in Harlem transition to a full program of MSK, work that has included managing the RLC's communication plans and developing outreach campaigns sensitive to the changing demographics of the community. Her efforts have led to a new role as Supervisor in the Department of Medicine, a position she started on February 18, 2019.

"As a Project Manager, I'm humbled to have had the unique exposure to MSK operations and strategic planning at a macro level, and to implement an initiative with long-term benefits to the institution," she says. 

She is thankful for the MSK leaders who have guided her career over the last two years. She recalls her job interview with Avice Meehan, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, and how they bonded over being former Girl Scouts.

"One of the many things that impressed me about Jocelyn was the fact that she led a Girl Scout troop as a graduate student," says Ms. Meehan. "That takes commitment of time, energy and thought—as I know from personal experience. Girl Scouts taught me how to swim, serve others, and navigate a canoe without tipping over. I figured that if Jocelyn could manage a troop of Scouts, she could manage MSK."

(Pictured: Jocelyn and her Girl Scout troop)

(Pictured: Jocelyn and her Girl Scout troop)

"What Black History Month Means to Me"

Each year for Black History Month, Ms. Triplett takes time to reflect on the African American men and women who have made considerable impacts in her community, which guides her personal responsibility to give to her community and beyond. For that reason, Jocelyn is actively engaged in her internal and external communities. Jocelyn is a Girl Scout leader and serves as the Chair of the Scholarship Committee of the North Manhattan Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She takes great pride in aiding African American high school seniors pursue higher education, a founding pillar of her sorority. She also spends a considerable amount of time serving with the New York Urban League Young Professionals and the American College of Healthcare Executives.

At MSK, Jocelyn is a Steering Committee member of the MSK Women on the Move Employee Resource Network (ERN) and Black, Latino, Asian, and Multiracial (BLAM) ERN. This year, she was excited to facilitate BLAM's annual FOOD Drive in collaboration with the Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities service. 

"It is my hope that seeds I have sown into my community continue to make a lasting impression, and inspire the next generation of community leaders," she says. 



(Pictured: Jocelyn Triplett with her mother, Jackie Triplett.)

(Pictured: Jocelyn Triplett with her mother, Jackie Triplett.)

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