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Attention all new applicants

Beginning February 21, 2022, MSK will require all new hires, volunteers, and vendors who come onsite to provide proof of complete COVID-19 vaccination series + booster (once eligible) based on the vaccines' high level of protection and our shared responsibility in protecting our patients.  Read more

Information and Innovation to Tackle Cancer

Department of Laboratory Medicine Careers

Cancer experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering depend on the Department of Laboratory Medicine for adult and pediatric patient laboratory testing, which aids in the diagnosing, staging and monitoring of cancer.

Clinical laboratory technicians at MSK provide all testing of blood, urine and other fluids. During a typical weekday, we process about 2,000 samples and perform 8,000 clinical laboratory tests. We also transfuse more than 3,5000 blood products and perform 620 collections of donor blood and other products.

The needs for laboratory services at MSK have doubled in the past decade, and continue to grow. We’re always looking for laboratory experts who specialize in:

• Cell therapy
• Clinical Chemistry
• Clinical Hematology and Immunology
• Clinical Microbiology and infectious disease
• Hematopathology
• Transfusion Medicine

Since we handle testing needs system-wide, you can explore opportunities in our state-of-the-art laboratory medicine facility on East 64th Street between First and Second Avenues, a laboratory on our main campus, or at one of our outpatient sites in Manhattan, New Jersey, Westchester and on Long Island.

In addition to meeting the needs of our medical teams daily, we’re also always improving our testing practices, creating innovative new ways to provide the information needed to improve care, and passing our knowledge on to the next generation of laboratory professionals.

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