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Help conquer business problems or help conquer cancer. Your choice.

Data Science and Engineering

Our data science and engineering teams at MSK keep an eye on the future. We improve access for patients, enhance care models, help our leaders and medical teams make faster and better decisions, and so much more.

Our work touches all aspects of our organization. We help MSK leaders, clinicians, patients, and caregivers pinpoint areas where we can improve our services, analyze data, and then work together to create a solution that enhances and transforms the care that we provide daily.

Whether you are a data analyst, software engineer, or strategic planner, you can tackle new and exciting projects with us and know that your work is making a real difference.

Data Science and Engineering Opportunities

The Strategy Analytics team supports the long-term strategy of MSK. Whether it’s improving access for patients now or looking at alternative care models for the future, this team helps guide our plans and work.

The department consists of the Core Team and the Embedded Analytics Program. The Core Team works on projects and ideas to transform clinical operations. The Embedded Analytics Program has analytical talent throughout MSK to empower other groups to focus quantitative tools on their most pressing questions and problems.

Our team members include data scientists, who extract knowledge from large volumes of data; strategic analysts, who provide insight into our operations; and software engineers, who design, develop, and maintain software products and solutions.


The Strategy and Competitive Intelligence Department collaborates with executive leadership and others throughout MSK to provide insight and strategic guidance that enables smart decision-making at the strategic and tactical levels.

Our strategic analysts initiate, design, and execute analyses that provide insight on decisions and trends with multidisciplinary groups of internal and external stakeholders.

The Data Products team builds software tools that make our data more accessible so that clinicians and administrators can make faster, better decisions. They’ve even designed a clinical trials search engine that uses natural language processing to streamline finding the right trials.

The Computational Oncology Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center under the direction of Dr. Sohrab Shah is powering a new field of research, leveraging advances in computing to enable discovery in cancer biology and improvements in cancer care.

We are looking for one or more co-op students to implement infrastructure and software for the analysis of large-scale molecular, imaging, and clinical data.

Computing has become a nexus point for all areas of cancer research and will serve as a means towards new breakthroughs in cancer science and patient care. Are you ready to join us and make a difference every single day?

“I joined MSK because I am interested in using my skills to support and strengthen people in systemically or circumstantially vulnerable positions. Being able to share in the trust that patients invest in MSK as an institution is very grounding and reminds me what the work I do is about.”

Rajesh Kottamasu Design Researcher and Service Designer

“Working at MSK enables you to collaborate with some of the smartest people in New York. The work is respectable, demanding, and important. We receive feedback from the clinicians about how much our work is making their jobs easier and faster, which ultimately leads to better patient care.”

Miguel Bermudez Lead Front End Engineer

“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is knowing that the predictive model I am working on will be used to help our patients. I enjoy collaborating with my team, participating in hackathons, and sharing best practices on how to most effectively analyze our data.”

Dmitriy Gorenshteyn Senior Data Scientist
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